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Property Drone Photography

Estate Agency & Real Estate marketing is one of the most challenging industries today. Now that it’s common for buyers to search for properties online with the likes of Purplebricks, Emoov, EasyProperties & Property Solvers, it can be tough to stand out or make a good first impression with more traditional professional estate agency photography.

Before the birth of camera drones, aerial images were captured using costly methods. You’d have to hire a helicopter to fly you around and use expensive photography equipment to get good results. As a result, only high-end properties were frequently marketed using aerial Images.

This example is a Low-Resolution version of what I can create for you. As you will see, the mix of Drone Content & Soundtrack is an unbeatable Combo.

Benefits of Drone Photography in Estate Agency Marketing:

There are a handful of ways that drone photography is benefitting estate agents and buyers everywhere…..such as:
1. Produces Compelling Images
2. Perhaps the best reason anybody wants to see aerial photos is that it generates interest from its viewers. Drones make it very easy to create dramatic shots.
3. Highlights More Property Features.
4. With drones, you can easily take photos of backyards, Rear paths, landscaping, and other property features that are important to many buyers and would normally require multiple photos to cover.
5. Helps You Stand Out
6. Although estate agency drone photography is becoming more popular, there are still many listings that settle with ground-based Photography. Adding great-looking drone shots to your set will make yours more informative, thus helping your listing stand out among competitors.
7. Attracts Clients
8. When you show clients that you can produce fantastic aerial images and effectively represent their property, there’s a big chance that you’ll end up impressing more homeowners who might end up contacting you for their house or property sale. Word of Mouth is the most effective way to gain clientele.
9. Saves Money
10. Why can’t Drone Photography be accessible to every one of your clients? Setting higher standards for your Clients. By including Drone Content You set a NEW Standard of Service, setting you apart from the competition. Lifestylefoto can help you achieve this goal! Contact me today.

Limitations of Drone Photography in Estate Agency Marketing:

As wonderful as aerial photography is, it will never be enough for estate agency marketing on its own. They merely serve as the cherry on top of a spectacular estate agency photo set, which should include the following shots using a non-flying camera:

  • Steady shots of certain property features that require special lenses
  • Interior shots of small spaces
  • Homes surrounded by trees or other buildings
  • Ground-level shots of the entire property


In my View, adding Drone Content significantly increases the production value and click-through rate of your listing. 

I am operating my Drone Services from Larne Northern Ireland, but Cover the whole of Northern Ireland.
My Pricing is based on an hourly rate of £60 per hour. Incl VAT.
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