News Post – Video Offerings

Here at Lifestylefoto I have been looking into other services I can offer.

Video & Film making is in many ways similar to Shooting Still Images, especially on a wedding day. Clearly, it will involve a different kind of workflow in terms of editing. With the addition of Film Making comes the ability to record Sound. This is an integral part of the production, bad sound recording can easily trash the very best content. With in mind, I have managed to bring in the help of lav Mics (Clip on) & Digital Recorders which can record the ambience & background details of your Big Day.

It has been a steep learning curve, not only with regard to the Camera System but also the use of a Gimbal which acts like a steady cam keeping the Camera Steady while moving about. The System can directly record content to an onboard 1Tb SSD Flash Drive in 8, 10 or 12-bit output. It is truly an amazing device.

My Post Production creations are produced with the help of Final Cut Pro. I hope you like the results.

As alternative perspectives are extremely handy I am also able to record content via a Drone. This gives that Cinematic Look to any event from the unique way these devices fly. Please see below for some content recently recorded.

Here is Drone sample footage recorded earlier in the Year. As you can see, it really gives a unique viewpoint.