About me

I am a mad keen swimmer & Professional Curry consumer. Although I must add, I have been slightly OCD in taking my Folding Brompton Bike about with me lately. It’s an amazing bit of kit, and every house should have one, You can even pack it in a case & take it on your Holibobs.

I am a proud Dad of two Grown UP Children. Tom completed his Master’s Degree recently & started work within the I.T. Internet Security Industry. Meanwhile, Freya is in her final year & will be graduating shortly. She has had to battle with Covid-19 education restrictions & Zoom Presentations. It has been Tricky Times for our Younger generations!!

Photo has been part of my life forever. It was my 13th Birthday & my Brother gave me an East German-built Practica MTL3 Camera. It took 35mm Colour or Black & White Film. It took screw mount long & short lenses, little did I know how much influence this gift would bring…..

On leaving school, I worked behind the “Photo” Shop Counter, processing the D&P Orders to then move on & assist at a Commercial Studio which brought me face to face with large Format Cameras. This was back in the days of Film; the standard size we used was Kodak / Fuji 8×10″ Transparency Sheets loaded into double dark slides. We would build room sets, add the props & add the merchandise. Once the photo was taken the film was processed in E6 chemistry & the final image would be reviewed on a 5K Lightbox some 40 minutes later. Tethered-Digital Capture hadn’t been invented. It was 1984!! The work we produced ended up within the printed pages of Grattan Catalogue, Littlewoods Catalogue & Next. As we worked 6 months ahead of schedule, we were often shooting Christmas Campaigns, snow & Christmas trees in the middle of Summer. Amazing Times. This Commercial “Film based” Studio experience highlighted the importance of “Attention to Detail” in terms of display & exposure. It predated Digital Retouching, so we had to make sure everything was perfect before taking the photo!!

In 1988, I started a 32 Year Career at FUJIFILM UK Ltd. I was responsible for accounts within London & Home Counties. This showed me the many facets of Professional & Consumer Photography, from capture to output in the transformation of analogue film recording to digital CCD technologies. An incredible journey, being given a chance to peek “behind the scenes” of Fleet Street tabloid newspaper Picture Desks, visit Press Agencies; All Sports, Rex Features, Getty Images, & see photo Departments of the major Broadcast Studios & Film Companies.

Technology advancement never ceases. It now enables me to Capture High-Resolution Digital Images & Record 4K Video simultaneously with the same camera.
Seeing the Imaging Evolution has been an incredible experience & I feel blessed by the opportunities It has given me.

I take this knowledge forward into my own Photo / Video Company & what I can offer you today, at Lifestylefoto.com

If you wish to see a complete price list of all products available, click here or check your Wedding Day, my Contact Form is available here.
You can Text me on Mobile Number 0796 475 0649 – or email at John@Lifestylefoto.com

Location, Location, Location

It has been a busy time lately, as I am moving from Lancashire to Northern Ireland.

Covid-19 Wedding Day Rules

It certainly has been challenging times. Even though we experience the Covid 19 Lockdown & its effects, I continue with my Wedding Coverage for both Photo & Video Clients. If you need to check on the current Covid-19 Wedding Day Rules, click here for the BBC rundown. These start on September 28th 2020. Just recently I worked on Kerry & David’s Wedding at the amazing Northcote Manor, Langho. Recently Covid-19 Rules have been changed. This was a reduction in the number allowed to attend the Wedding, from 30 to 15 People. Northern Ireland’s “Executive” has online Guidelines, Very Handy to check. Please click here to review these.

Lifestylefoto Early Years

Lifestylefoto opened its doors on September 25th 2004. In the 17 Years since I have enjoyed a wide variety of Wedding Celebrations, from the amazing Glasgow University Chapel with its Ornate cavernous interior, to Marquees on the lawn filled with laughter & joy. I love what I do, and I hope my clients feel this every step of the way, from our initial meeting, through to the wedding day.

Exceeding Client expectations is my goal. It can seem an impossible task to pick a Photographer from the many hundreds on-line. I hope I can make this easier for you by offering a free “no obligation” consultation & viewing some of my Sample Albums? I am keen to visit you at home or the Wedding Venue. It is at this point I encourage you to discuss your Photo Requirements? Please view my sample images my on-line Gallery; It may illustrate my Documentary Approach, this style has evolved over the years. It is important to capture those family groups too, but very often, I find the candid, unposed Photographs make the winning formula!

Real Estate / Estate Agency Drone Photo Services

Before the birth of camera drones, aerial images were captured using costly methods. You’d have to hire a helicopter to fly you around and use expensive photography equipment to get good results. As a result, only high-end properties were frequently marketed using aerial Images. I have invested Time, Effort & Money into my Drone Offerings. Please contact me if you have any Aerial Video / Photo Requirements. Further Information available here. This content reflects the stunning views from a House overlooking Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland.

Wedding Day Offerings – Digital USB vs Printed Albums

As important as Capturing Your Wedding Day Story, is my Post Production. Retouching of digital images comes as standard. I want to make my finished images sparkle & look the very best they can. You pick your final Photographs for your Wedding Album. You are in control of the final layout.

I have always been keen to have all of my Wedding Albums Printed on true Photographic Paper & for this reason I use a Professional Photographic Laboratory who can produce my work on FujiFilm Crystal Archive Digital Photographic Paper. This Guarantees extended archival qualities, meaning your Album will last a lifetime.

Please contact me to complete your Booking Process.

Good Luck with Your Planning!!