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If you would like to reserve your Wedding date, please fill in the form below. email me at or Call me on Mobile 0796 475 0649.

I have a wide selection of Products from Digital Only Packages through to a Comprehensive Wedding Album Range.

The majority of my Wedding Clients have come from previous bookings and this has been a great inspiration for me.

Top Tips for your Wedding

  1. Take advantage of my Free Engagement PhotoShoot, importantly, It will give you an opportunity to see how GREAT you both look and as a bonus, why not use an image as part of Your Wedding Invitation Design?
  2. Your Wedding Day Timetable. It is always important to have a plan in place. A plan for what is happening and when. As time tends to disappear quickly, this guidance can enable me to capture all those important moments, from your Bridal Preparations, to arriving with a nerve stricken Groom.
  3. Relax & Enjoy your Day: Try to Keep it simple by letting everyone else worry about things. Delegation is the way to go!
  4. The ideal Reception Table Camera. Consider purchasing some FujiFilm Instax Cameras for your Wedding Reception. These are amazing little cameras, and most importantly, They instantly print the Photos for you. This makes it an entertaining & fun way for your guests to record their afternoon shenanigans. As an added bonus You could have a Prize for the Best Photos?
  5. Pinterest & Wedding Blogs make it easy to find amazing Photos of real Weddings at the Wedding Venue that you choose. Firstly, Look through some of the images and either make a note or send the link to me, for example, there might be a certain pose you love or an area of the Wedding Venue that you would like a Photo in.
  6. Group Photos. I would tend to recommend Family Group shots to be taken immediately after the Wedding Ceremony before everyone heads to the next venue. Consider asking an usher or someone who is familiar with your families to help gather these groups together and remember to allow at least five minutes per photo.

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