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How to Create Social Media Videos for your Business…

It may be a daunting thought, “How do you get started with Video Marketing”?
What sort of videos should you create to promote your Business?
Video is outperforming most other types of content. This is across the board for “On-Line”, not just social media platforms. Billions of hours of Video are watched worldwide every day.
It is believed that 2020 online videos will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

Over 8 million videos (or 100 million hours of video!) are currently watched on Facebook every day. Video on social media gets 1200% more shares than text & image updates combined. Just look at your own news feed, these are often filled with stories, GIFS, videos, live streaming videos & video ads.

I recently uploading a short Drone Video to Promote my Video Services, I hope you agree, It certainly grabs your attention!

Video Ideas

  • Promotional & Marketing Videos. Try Using Social media to promote your products, for example, create short product tutorials or teasers for upcoming projects.
  • Always use subtitles in your social videos as not everyone has the Volume Switched on, on their device.
  • Optimise your videos for the different social networks as Instagram may need a different frame size than YouTube.
  • Use a “Call to Action” to get viewers to take action, as this is the Video Ad’s main goal.
  • Keep your videos short & sweet, try not to take too long over any explanations.
  • Don’t forget to add your Logo, Always add your branding to social videos.

The “must have” accessories for the Film Makers tool box

The Great News is you can use your smartphone. It is social media, so it is OK if your videos aren’t absolutely perfect. It might be worth thinking about purchasing a few extra accessories to help with the task. To help improve things. I would recommend the following items:

  • Tripod. It reduces the wobble factor. There’s nothing worse than feeling you are on a boat, watching unstable content.
  • Lighting can make a massive difference and You do not need to spend vast sums of Money £!
  • Some Sound Advice! Good Sound really lifts your Content. Many can record directly onto a Digital Recorder which has Micro USB Cards already loaded. The great news they have come down in price, so are well worth the purchase.

Subtitles can help too

Always make sure your videos are easy to understand without the sound. As most Social media users don’t have their sound switched on or headphones in while browsing their newsfeed.

Always make sure your videos are relevant to your Social media Channel choice, whether this is the format or the content. Linkedin is Business to Business, so it’s content might differ from a short Facebook Video & remember to keep things short!

Useful Links

Wave. Video is an online Video Maker which enables you to resize your video for the various Social Media Channels. This can make life that little bit easier!
Vyond is also handy as this is an animation tool for businesses. It has a unique ability to animate your Content. It’s effortless to use. It may need a Subscription to be paid.
Animoto is handy for arranging Photos or Videos by using a clever theme-based system. You can also make your own templates if you wish making it a great option for Home or Business!

Good luck with your efforts.

Best Wishes,
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